Jonesboro businesses paint the town red

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The City of Jonesboro is a sea of red in anticipation of Arkansas State's first home football game Saturday.

It's Paint the Town Red week and the judges are out. Paint the Town Red is an entire week devoted to show support to ASU the week of it's first home game.

The Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce ASU committee puts on a number of different events throughout this week, the biggest event being the "Paint the Town Red" contest.

A selection of judges visit businesses around Jonesboro to check out what they have done in support of Arkansas State University's football team. . . both outside and inside.

Committee chair for the coaching of Paint the Town Red, Alissa Reynolds, says there are number of different categories people can participate in, "We have some first time entries this year. There's a lot of different categories they can enter in. We have interior and exterior spirit. We go around and judge just to see who would be the winner."

Reynolds says this is the tenth year for Paint the Town Red and it's more than fun.

It's an opportunity for businesses to show their support, "Every business in this community will receive good rewards from people coming in for ASU games.  ASU supports this community with everything that they have. So, it's a good monetary thing for the community, for people coming in from out of town."

Reynolds says it's also good for out of town visitors to come to Jonesboro and see the level of support community businesses give ASU, "When they come into Jonesboro and they see the support of all the businesses that are supporting with their decorations and painting, it obviously show that it's a unity of the college here as well as the businesses with them."

Thirteen businesses throughout Jonesboro participated in this year's Paint the Town Red.

The winner will be announced at the tailgate party Friday, September 17th.

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