CRDC open house

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A local organization decided to celebrate it's years of service with the community it lives in.

The Crowley's Ridge Development Council held an open house at their facility on Fox Meadow Lane in Jonesboro.

They've been a part of Northeast Arkansas for forty years.

Christy Appleton, Director of Aging Services and Marketing at the CRDC, says this event was more than a chance to mingle.

They're working to let people know who they are and what they can do for them, "We are trying to educate people on the programs we serve. Many times, even when you've been somewhere as long as we have, people aren't aware of what you're doing and we want all the people out there to know the services. Our mission is to fight poverty and with the economy in the state that it's in and people needing our services more than ever, we want them to know where we are and that they can come and we will help them."

Appleton says they're a number of things they can do to help residents that people just aren't aware of.

"Our most popular service is a utility assistance service for people who are in emergency situations. This summer has just been dreadfully hot and we've helped a lot of people with their utility bills. We expect in January to start again and we will have some funds to help people with their utility bills."

But the help doesn't stop with utilities!

"We have a home delivered meal program, which is done through our aging program. We have senior centers in eight counties and through that we deliver about twenty-three thousand meals a month. So, we really help those people who can't get out of their homes and get somewhere and it helps them to stay at home. Our idea is to keep them at home as long as possible."

They event try to help Region 8 residents conserve energy to help bring down their bills!

"Another program is weatherization. That is one where with the energy conservation going on today, we have received funds through the American Recovery Act, and we have some funds to go in and help people make their homes more efficient with utilities and appliances and trying to help them be able to afford things better."

The Human Services Department at the CRDC also helps people with a variety of things like budgeting or resumes if they're out of a job.

Their main goal is to help people get back on their feet and move forward.

The open house took place from four-thirty to six.

For more information you can call the Crowely's Ridge Development Council at 870-802-7100 or log onto their website.

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