The war between debit cards and cash is on

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - To one ASU student using a debit card is nothing new, he's had one since the age of 14-years-old. However, what is new for J.D. Coleman is learning to use cash.

Being a server at a local restaurant means he's usually got the green stuff on him, but it doesn't mean he spends it.

"I usually can't go and spend cash because I like to put that money in the bank," Coleman.

Business professor, Dr. Gary Latanich says typically debit cards pose the temptation for over spending.

"If you're using your debit card your entire pay check is at your disposal," say Latanich.

At first he says he didn't trust debit cards, but now he's learning to like the convenience and safety they offer if you lose one. "As long as you report it they'll get your money back for you."

But he says it took three years to learn the money saving strategy that works best for him: leaving it at home.

"If I want to buy something I literally have to get up out of my office," says Latanich.

He says it's in that time he spends driving home to get it that he realizes it's not a necessary purchase.

Another way to keep from over-spending is to be diligent with balancing your checkbook or to frequently log into your on-line banking account.

While it's clear the cash and the cards have their pro's and cons some experts say there may even be emotional an attachment tied up into it. Think about it...It's much easier to give away a quick swipe than it is your hard earned cash that you've had in your wallet all week long.

Either way most financial experts agree learn what works best for you. As for student and sever J.D. he'll be sticking to his all cash saving's plan which seems to be serving him well.

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