ASU tailgaters kick off the first home game in style

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's the day many Arkansas State University fans have been waiting for, the first home game. Tailgaters were all out Saturday afternoon showing their Red Wolves spirit, all with one thing on their ASU win.

Unloading and setting up. ASU fans were all out getting pumped for the first game on their turf.

"I'd say I'm one of the biggest fans out here," Lisa Golden has been a Red Wolves fan since she was a little girl. "I got into a fight with a Razorbacks fan and told him Arkansas State was going to beat the Razorbacks."

She says she's been counting down the days for the first home game. "We've been waiting all summer long to get football here at Arkansas State, and we're ready to see them play at home because we play well at home and we're ready to get a win."

The grill masters were grilling, fans were throwing footballs, and just having fun. "We start out at seven o'clock in the morning and we don't leave until the game's over," says John Griffin, who went to school at A-State. He says he's a serious tailgater. "We got a rotisserie on one side and got a pit on the other side. We got a satellite, and 42 inch plasma T. V. It's the ultimate tailgate. It's what everyone wants to have," he says.

But one thing all these fans have in common is their Red Wolves pride...

"I think we're going to more than cover the spread. I think we'll win by at least ten points," says Golden.

"We're going to win by at least 21 points tonight," says tailgater Roy Aldridge.

"I predict the score to be 36-7 A-state," says Griffin.

Signs were placed around the stadium reminding fans about the smoke free campus, and the only smoke fans saw today was the smoke coming off the grill. "I don't believe the smoking policy will effect much. It's a public place. It is a state law. ASU has obliged to that, and I think everyone else will adjust as well," says Aldridge.

Campus Police say since this is the first game, if your caught smoking, you will just be asked to put the cigarette out. But, at future events, they won't be as lenient.

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