Rappers Decry Police Suspicion

June 11, 2003
Posted at: 11:12 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Region 8's newest rap group is making quite a name for themselves. Most recently, it has been with the Jonesboro Police Department.

The Soldier Boyz and their manager Kevin Buckley claim that they are getting a bad rap from police that claim the musicians have gang ties.

"I've never heard of nobody (sic) in California claiming 'Soldier Boyz,'" Buckley said. "How is that a gang?"

"(The) last time I checked, bloods and crips were gangs," Buckley added. "We're not a gang, we're all about the music."

Jonesboro High School resource officer Russ Humway says the police are seeing more gang activity in the community. Much of the activity, according to Humway, is tied to a group of people using the same name as the rap group.

Humway believes there is a solution to clear up the confusion.

"They need to make sure that their names clean," Humway said of the young rappers. "If they want to be serious about their musical careers, then they need to change the name of their group or get the people who are using their name to quit using their name."

Buckley contends that all his group is doing are trying to do is put their music and Jonesboro on the map.