A peek at the 2010 NEA District Fair

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Monday was the opening day of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair, and there is a ton of stuff to do and see.

Even though the days are sunny at night it's going to be cool in more ways than one.

Fun, food and friends make for a great fair experience. This years fairgrounds just feel different. A real sense of energy.

Jerry Reece, the Fair Director says this year could be great. "We got the parking situation back in order. We've got tremendous grand stand shows. The carnival has beefed up their end. We're looking for a record breaking year."

Lots of cows, sheep, goats and rabbits and other livestock to look at and pet.

Animals aside, many people love the commercial building. This year the inside and out is full up.

Reese, "We've had the biggest year we've had in a long time. Every piece of commercial space we have for vendors has been sold out for a month."

Every thing imaginable under one roof and out in the parking lot. From Master Gardeners to veterans and everything in between.

Hay, rice, arts and crafts all that getting set up ready for judging and display. The fair is and will always be about family.

Reece, "A family environment where family can bring your children have a good time, be safe, go home and be educated and entertained."

Rides? Oh yes, all kinds of rides. Got a strong stomach, like some thrills, like to go all different directions at one time. Check out the new Nemesis 360.

Couldn't see it running because it was still being inspected... It passed by the way . Here's how it works. First off, a 360 degree spin.

Cody Casper who's family owns the ride along with many others said this is the First one like it in the United States. Again you start out on a 360 spin.

"We've also got the bottom that's going to spin this way. And the seats will also unlock giving you the third motion also."

Probably not something to ride right after eating.

Casper, "I might be a little nervous if I was standing right in front of the line there might be a chance you get a little left over corn dog on your shirt maybe."

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