Harrisburg School District proposes millage increase

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HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - In Poinsett County, a millage increase for the Harrisburg School District has caused quite a stir for Harrisburg residence.

The consolidation of the Harrisburg and Weiner School District has sparked the millage increase on this years ballot. An increase putting a spark in many Harrisburg residence to get out and vote.

"We've had a total of 103 so far, and the heaviest is I'd say about 98% of those have been from Harrisburg," says Poinsett County Clerk Fonda Condra. "Any time you try to touch people's pocket books they seem interested. If it wasn't for the millage increase, we probably wouldn't of had hardly anyone come out to vote," she says.

Citizens coming out to vote on the millage increase for the Harrisburg School District. "This is just a result of the annexation and how they had to present it to the voters," says Condra. "It would be a 4.4 mill increase for the electors of the Harrisburg School District."

The Harrisburg School District is currently 35.5 mill, while the Weiner School District is 39.9 mill. The increase was proposed when the two schools came together under one umbrella.

"Vote no to the millage increase," says Harrisburg School Board President Frankie Lindsey. He says the District doesn't need a millage increase. "We need at least two years of data to collect to see before we ask for an increase, because we think we can run on the increase we have now."

Lindsey is encouraging citizens to get out and vote. "We think it won't be fair to our patrons. We need both the Weiner folks and us to vote no on the millage so we can make sure we can keep both campuses open."

Because if the millage doesn't pass for the Harrisburg residences...."The Harrisburg School District will revert back to the 35.5 mills. If it fails at Weiner or Fisher. The 39.9 mills it will stay the same," says Condra. If it passes in Weiner and Fisher it will still remain the same at 39.9.

Tuesday, Sept. 21st is the last day to cast the vote.

Area polling locations:

Weiner- Weiner Fire Station

Harrisburg- Fine Arts Building.

Fisher- Fisher City Hall.

You can also go to https://www.voterview.ar-nova.org/  to find out your polling location.

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