FAU celebrates 10th year of football with player reunion Saturday

Boca Raton, FL (FAUOwlAccess.com) - If former Florida Atlantic linebacker Cerge Sincere has his way – and it looks like he will – FAU's sideline will be swarming with Owl jerseys Saturday against North Texas.

As part of a celebration of FAU's tenth year of college football, Sincere has organized a reunion of sorts for former football players. Shomari Earls, B.J. Manley Taheem Acevedo, Willie Hughley and Daveon Barron are among the 35 former players who have committed to attend.

They should be easy to identify since Sincere has asked all the players to wear their former jerseys.

There will be a tailgate party starting at 5:30 before all the players, including Sincere, will take to the sideline for the game.

"We're trying to make this home game memorable," said Sincere (photo, making a tackle against USF in 2007)  "We only have four home games. Being as it is the first game, we wanted to make a statement."

Sincere hasn't strayed far from Boca Raton since he last took the field for the Owls in 2008. Earlier this year he organized a highly successful relief effort for victims of the massive earthquake in Haiti, using the Oxley Center as a drop-off point.

Recently FAU has partnered Sincere's marketing venture, High Society Group, to conduct some grass roots efforts aimed at raising attendance at athletic events.

Along with getting a whole bunch of his former teammates to come to the game, Sincere also might be priming the pump for future talent. Saturday will also be Youth Family Night Out. Sincere's group is offering free tickets to area youth football league teams provided they wear their uniforms to the games. Parents of the youths have to purchase their own tickets, but those who do will be treated to  food and drinks.

Before long, maybe everyone who attends an FAU football game will be wearing a uniform. That can't be a bad thing, right?