Youth day at the fair

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students all over Region 8 closed their textbooks, jumped on a bus and headed for the Northeast Arkansas District Fairgrounds in Jonesboro.

September 22nd was Youth Day at the NEA Fair and students were given the opportunity to experience a number of different things "hands on".

Buffalo Island Central 11th grader, Micah Thompson, returned to the NEA Fair for the second year.

She tried her hand at judging crops, seeds and weeds with success.

"It's pretty easy for me because I've grown up in 4-H and around farms so I've done a lot of this."

Micah thinks that all students should participate in these events, despite their agricultural background.

"I think it helps kids learn how to judge seeds and crops and get better at it, if they're not very good. It's a good experience."

But not everyone thought it was easy!

BIC 7th grader, Julie Thompson, visited Youth Day for the first time.

She says when she got to the fair, she thought judging crops would be easy!

"It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I should have studied! But I think this is a good idea because kids get experience doing other things besides math and science and things like that."

Eighteen students from Brookland, ages four to nineteen, also attended Youth Day.

Brookland teacher, Mary Pulley, says their students have had a ball!

"We've taken the kids to the petting zoo and they've really enjoyed that. They've seen some animals that they will never get a chance to see in their life. We've visited some of the exhibits. The kids have enjoyed the different types of flowers and the different things they have. The quilts, the handiwork. They've really enjoyed it up here today."

Pulley believes all schools in the Region 8 area should take advantage of this opportunity for their students.

"I think it's very important because a lot of the kids don't get this chance. A lot of kids never get the opportunity to see the things that are out here at the fair."

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