ASU officers teach students safety

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's National Campus Safety Awareness Month and Arkansas State University Police Officers have a series of events scheduled throughout the week to promote safety awareness among campus students.

Officer Traci Simpson with the ASU Police Department says this is the first year they've held this event.

"We are doing a week long project. Every day this week we've had a booth set up at the first floor of the student union. Monday was UPD 101 which was how to get to know your police department here on campus. Tuesday was campus safety tips where everybody could come by and get safety tips and stuff. Today is about alcoholism. Not necessarily just about the laws of alcohol, but how to drink smart and responsibly. We have a different safety topic we will be speaking to students about each day this week."

One event held several times this week was a "Shooter Presentation" conducted by ASU Sergeant Bill Brown.

"Sergeant. Brown is talking to students about how to react if there is a shooter on campus. Not to just sit there and be targets, but what they can do to hopefully protect themselves and their classmates."

Simpson says, however, this particular presentation is something they offer throughout the year.

Not just during safety week.

Simpson says these classes and seminars are more than just an opportunity to provide students with valuable safety information.

It's a chance to help the students get know their officers.

"It gets us to know the students and the students to know us as well because we're not here to just write tickets. We're not here just to arrest. Even though that's what we do, it's not the only thing we do. We want them to know they can call us in any kind of crisis."

September 22nd, from six to seven, a campus safety presentation will be given by Officer Simpson at the Student Union on the third floor.

Simpson says this event is open to students, faculty, staff and any parents who wish to attend.

Saturday September 25th, from ten to two, will be "National Take Back".

Simpson says ASU officers will be set up in the parking lot on University Loop East and Cherokee Street to help residents rid themselves of their prescription drugs.

"You can clean out your medicine cabinet and bring your medicines to us to drop off, no questions asked. That way your child won't get into it, your teenager won't get into it cause that's on the rise. Teenagers and young children taking prescription meds. Because it's so easy for them to get their hands on it. So, we've got a way for you to clean out your cabinet and bring it to us and it will be properly destroyed."

For more information about this event or any others, you can call the ASU Police Department at 870-972-2093 or log onto their website.

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