Preschool holds community parade

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A Region 8 preschool has been getting to know it's community members.

For two weeks the Jonesboro Pre-K Center has had visitors come to their school to speak to their children about what they do.

Principal Sheila Stallings says they have a wide variety of people in different fields, "We have a two week community service unit that we do every year with Pre-K and we celebrate all of our community workers. We have visitors every day. We have truck drivers, police officers, grocery workers, sanitation workers, a little bit of everybody."

Principal Stallings says the children have a great time with the people who come to talk to them, "They are loving every minute of it. What they say depends on the day. When the sanitation worker comes, then everybody wants to be a garbage man. And when the vet came, everybody's going to be a veterinarian. And they know about taking care of animals and they know about respecting the police and the firemen also."

But Stallings says this two week period does have an important message they want the kids to get, "our children need to know how important the community is and how important it is for education. What you can do with an education, what kind of job you can have in the future. We make that connection with 'what do your parents do and how valuable their job in the community is."

This is the sixth year for the Jonesboro Pre-K Center to hold this event.

One hundred and eighty children attend the Pre-K Center.

For more information about this event, log onto their website.

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