Region 8 police working to rid roads of impaired drivers

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

BAY, AR (KAIT) - "People use us as a back way to get from one city to another city," said Bay Police Officer, Tommy Cole.

Cole wants to make sure people traveling the streets--those who live here and those just passing through, are safe.

"We have stepped up our enforcement  quite a bit to take this thing head on," said Cole.

Cracking down on impaired drivers, on Saturday Bay PD will conduct a sobriety checkpoint.

"This is a deterrent more than anything," said Cole.

It's one of many the department has held.  Officer Cole says people driving through Bay need to know impaired driving is not tolerated, and that the department takes steps to keep streets safe.

"We have stepped it up and made the policing a little tougher on DWI," said Cole.

According to the Bay Police Department, the town had 7 DWI arrests in 2008, 8 in 09, and 6 already this year.

"That's my main focus is zero tolerance," said Bay Police Chief, David Kelly.

Chief Kelly says he wants people to know that.

"You know I'm sure the message is out there.   We can be at the checkpoints at any place at any time.   Especially with the implementation of the BAT mobile, it just gives us another tool in our arsenal," said Kelly.

The BAT mobile or blood alcohol testing mobile unit will also be on hand Saturday night in Bay. A noticeable tool to help enhance their efforts.

"Our ultimate objective is to keep the community safe," said Kelly.

"We're two shy from last year so that just shows policing has stepped up in that department and we are trying to make our city safer for the people who live here," said Cole.

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