Region 8 teacher raves about national grant website

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Microscopes for these MicroSociety Magnet Elementary students are all new and exciting.

"We saw the cells fighting the germs."

But before ever looking into them these students weren't exactly believers.

"They couldn't get the concrete sense that there were such things as cells in fact some kids argued with me," says the Micro teacher Elizabeth Band.

She was eventually able to convert her 5th graders into believers, with these microscopes bought through grant money.

These $800 microscopes along with a thousand dollars worth of educational books and board games were made possible through the website

"It takes no more than 30 minutes to write a grant with this website and getting $500 and $800 for 30 minutes of time is certainly wonderful rate of pay," says Band.

The money is given by various education organizations and even some personal anonymous donors.

Mrs. Band says when she first applied for these grants she wasn't sure what was going to happen.

However she says she was pleasantly surprised and says the chances of another teacher applying for something and getting it are pretty good.

"Every grant that she applied for she received," says Micro principal Dana Sims.

Mrs. Band says more than half of her students have free or reduced lunch and says most of them don't even have books at home. So she says it's those facts in combination with the microscope moment, "I never seen a cell so I didn't know they were so small"...that will keep her coming back to

"It's those ahhhaaaa moments when the students really get it."

This year Mrs. Band is not teaching 5th; rather 1st grade. She says since she is starting from scratch she has requested a few different sets of books for her new students.

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