Region 8 home owner won’t face charges in shooting death of 17-year-old

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) – According to the Dunklin County Prosecutor's office, no charges will be field in the shooting death of 17-year-old Bradford Hill.

According to a fax from the prosecutor's office, based on autopsy results, surveillance video, and physical evidence, no criminal charges will be filed against the home owner.

The prosecutor's office says the evidence demonstrated that Hill made entry into the back door of the home, when he was shot in the lower left chest. The pellets entered Hill's chest striking his heart and left lung, killing him instantly.

Police say the home owner reported a burglary at his house earlier Saturday, and told police after the burglary he sat in the living room with a shotgun.

Police say when Hill returned, he climbed through the back door into the living room, and then the man shot Hill who fell back through the door.

Under Missouri law, the "Castle Doctrine" allows the occupant of a residence the legal right to use deadly force when someone makes entry with the appearance that they may have the purpose of committing a crime.

Prosecuting Attorney Steven Sokoloff said, "The results of the investigation make it clear that the resident was within his legal rights when he shot the intruder."

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