Region 8 students sit down with author

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students from eleven different schools throughout Region 8 closed there books, jumped on a bus and took off to the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library.

There students listened to and asked questions of author Neal Shusterman.

Shusterman has published such novels as "Everwild", "Everlost" and "Unwind".

Shusterman spoke to students about the book writing process and answered any questions they had.

While some consider Shusterman's novels controversial due to the issues he sometimes incorporates, teachers like Leah Garner from Westside High School told us the session was informative and entertaining.

"We really want to focus on reading at our school and we really thought this was great opportunity for our kids to meet a famous author whose written a book that's been really well received."

Garner believes her students got a lot out of the experience and discussing the novel "Unwind" in their classroom.

"I think my kids really appreciated the honesty in the book. That it dealt with some issues that are true issues that our society is facing, but our kids were able to address it in a way that's appropriate for them and enjoyed the way he was honest about some of those issues as an author."

Tenth grade Westside student, Adam Lowry, says he loved the experience of getting to meet a real author, "You don't know the people who write the books. You might get a picture in some, but to actually meet somebody and learn what makes them tic and what makes them choose to write a book is just amazing and it just brings it in, so, that's why they do it."

Jonesboro High School Senior, Thomas Toney, says he likes the books and thought it was valuable learning experience.

"I learned a lot about the process it takes to write a book. It is very, very inspiring, like for a person who wants to write books."

Thomas says he was also pleased to see that Shusterman was a down to earth guy.

"It was very, very enlightening. I love that Mr. Shusterman was very personable and a very warm personality."

For more information about Shusterman or any of his novels, log onto his website.

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