Using technology to help fight crime

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- New numbers by the FBI show property crimes nationwide are at a 20 year low, and some law enforcement officials across the nation credit the decrease to an increase in available technology.

"We've gone online with a website that has almost real time crime mapping so officers and citizens alike can go online and see where crimes are being committed," said Jonesboro Police Sergeant Steve McDaniel.

This crime mapping site shows what type and where crimes are happening citywide.  It's a useful tool for police officers, and accessible to the public too.

"It just kind of puts them on alert that those types of crimes are likely to happen in their neighborhood and they need to be the ones to call us immediately when they see something out of place," said McDaniel.

It's just one example of how technology is helping JPD, and those they serve, according to McDaniel.

"We know that technology helps police officers do their job," said McDaniel.

The technology ranges from new software, to better equipment, even how people report incidents like crimes they see taking place.

"Because they have the cell phone so easily available, they can pick up the cell phone right then and call police from their cell phone," said McDaniel.

"You can isolate by dates, by types of crimes, by locations whatever you need to do," said Heather Clements.

JPD's Crime Analyst Heather Clements says being able to assemble that information quickly allows her to get that information out to officers quickly.

"Captains or patrol officers can then identify where policing efforts need to be more focused so that we are a proactive police department rather than a reactive police department," said Clements.

"A lot of the technology that we're currently using was developed just for that purpose  to make us more efficient and more effective," said McDaniel.

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