Salvation Army opens new store in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Region 8 shoppers are jumping in their cars and heading to Eastwood Court on Caraway.

September 30th was the ribbon cutting ceremony, and sneak peak, for the Salvation Army's new "higher end" retail family store.

Captain Mark Boatman with the Salvation Army says board members, volunteers and Salvation Army employees have put a lot of hard work and hours into their new location in the hopes that it will allow them to continue the work the do in Northeast Arkansas.

"This means we will hopefully have an additional source of revenue to help our continuing services throughout the year, such as our homeless shelter, feeding program, utility assistance and many other assets the Salvation Army does to help the community."

The Salvation Army for Jonesboro helps four counties in the Northeast Arkansas area: Craighead, Poinsett, Greene and Mississippi.

"Throughout the year we do emergency sheltering three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Even during the holidays. We have utility assistance programs during the summer and winter. We also help feed the hungry with two meals a day, breakfast and diner. And we also clothing vouchers, fire victims assistance and more."

Captain Boatman says the items in their location on Caraway will be the nicer and newer donated in products, and some donated items that are unused.

"The proceeds that we get from the store will help offset the costs of running our different programs. To help not only maintain, but to hopefully increase our services in the Northeast Arkansas area."

Board member and volunteer Bonnie White says she's excited and hopes this is going to mean big things for the Salvation Army.

"This is a big opportunity for the community. Because the donors who give are given a tax-deductible receipt and the customers are able to purchase wonderful items at a very reasonable cost. Whether they are clothing their family, purchasing furniture or household items."

Bonnie says she hopes this store will help the Salvation Army meet the not only the daily need seen in the communities they serve, but help them continue the aide they give for disaster response.

"The proceeds help fund programs at the local salvation army. So, it's quite a teamwork that's benefiting not only Jonesboro, but Northeast Arkansas. Because our local Salvation Army in Jonesboro meets needs throughout Northeast Arkansas when there is a disaster. They are on the scene with food, providing assistance where they can."

Captain Boatman also says he hopes the new store will increase what they can accomplish for the people they work to help.

"Hopefully, in our homeless shelter, we're moving toward more transitional living. Where we're actually doing more in case work such as job development, budgeting and things that will actually help people get out of the homeless state."

The new store's hours will be Monday through Saturday from ten to six.

Their location on Fisher Street in Jonesboro will also be remaining open.

If you are interested in getting involved and making a donation call 935-2082.

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