Some retailers already prepping for holiday season

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- While it might be too soon to be making a list and checking it twice, many retailers aren't wasting any time preparing for the holidays.

"I went and got a tree for a gentleman I think it was yesterday," said K-Mart manager, Ross Sedlacek.

Part of those holiday preps include increasing personnel.

"We've actually already done that --we started at the beginning of September," said Sedlacek.

K-Mart's manager says they'll add about 30 seasonal workers to an existing staff of about 60.

"Like to have everybody in place by November first so that you're not throwing them into the fire with black Friday and Thanksgiving and all that," said Sedlacek.

"We started about mid September," said Best Buy Manager, Joshua Yarbrough.

Like at K-Mart,  Best Buy manager Joshua Yarbrough says they start planning for the holidays months out in order to get seasonal workers well trained before they're on the floor helping customers.

"We like to get started early," said Yarbrough.

Yarbrough adds he's seen customers getting an early start on holiday shopping too.

"They're kind of trying to plan their finances out ahead of time so we've already seen some of the traffic with the that are related to holidays," said Yarbrough.

"We've got to hire to meet those needs and that's what we're working on doing," said Sedlacek.

Sedlacek adds while they will hire many seasonal workers, some times seasonal help can turn into permanent positions.

"You find really great people who maybe find other jobs or were maybe just looking for seasonal help--they really jump right into the job, starting really doing well and somebody that we want to hold onto," said Sedlacek.

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