When to plant fall plants

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Paragould, AR (KAIT) - With the nice weather expected for the weekend it would be a perfect time to work out in the yard. But many want to know if it's too late to plant flowers or other types of plants.

Neal Adams with Adams Nursery in Paragould said, "Now really all the way up through November is a good planting time."

The variety of plants for autumn aren't as large as spring but there's still enough to choose from.

"Pansies, they come in a wide range of colors. In relation to that you've got Violas, Panolas. Those two things somewhat more cold tolerant," said Adams.

Another hardy plant for the fall are mums. Adams said that the blooms are a little later this year and that's due to the summer heat.

"A lot of varieties should have been blooming the first part of September. They're just now opening up. So we're going to get a little longer bloom time," said Adams.

If you are thinking about planting bulbs for spring flowers, the planting directions usually say October. According to Adams that's typically a little too soon for our area.

"Planting bulbs it's really best to wait till mid to late November even in to early December. The last few years our weather has been really pleasant during that time still," said Adams.

For those of you wanting to add shrubs and trees to your landscape, you can plant them right now. Unlike last year, you may want to leave your sprinkler system running a little longer.

Adams said, "We are a little bit drier this year than normal. You are going to have to be a little more mindful and make sure you water those newly planted plants."

Before you start digging in those flower beds this weekend, we have a few more helpful tips.

Adams said, "Fall planting you just want to mindful to make sure we keep them hydrated, keep them moist enough and put a good layer of mulch on with fall planting just to give some insulation."

If you're worried about a frost or freeze it's best to cover your plants with something that will keep the warmth in but let moisture out, such as a cloth or paper.

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