Cancer survivors prove there is life after breast cancer

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO (KAIT) - Sunday was all about the celebration of life.  In light of Nation Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a reception took place Sunday honoring two new inductees to the Survivor Wall of Fame.

The "Warrior Women Survivor Wall" was introduced in 2005 with new survivor portraits added every year.  So when patients head to the waiting room, they can see, in these women, there is life after breast cancer.

"We want them to know there is life after breast cancer, and it's depicted by every picture they see these women going on with their lives and surviving," says Teresa Adams, Director of the Women's Image Center.

Sunday two new additions were added to the wall of fame and unveiled the portraits of Vanessa Esters and Sharman Loggains.

"You feel like you're on another planet and you're part of an exclusive club, nobody wants to get in it really. The membership's high," says Sharman Loggains, who was diagnosed in 2005 with stage II breast cancer

Loggains says breast cancer runs in her family with her mother a 40 year survivor.

"I was waiting all my life for that other shoe to drop and hoping that it wouldn't, and then I thought that day is here," says Loggains.  Now, the day is here where she can stand proud...a survivor.

"You can survive," says Vanessa Esters.  She says she's happy to know she can encourage others.

"It just puts a face with the diagnosis. People can talk about, but for them to see this and  think you know this is me today, if she made it I can too," says Esters, and for those currently fighting the battle with breast cancer...

"It maybe dark right now, you may think you won't come out of this, but look at my today.  The lord is in your corner."






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