Holden Set to Veto Education Budget a Second Time

June 18, 2003
Posted at: 1:32 p.m. CDT

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Governor Holden says he will once again veto the state's education budget.

Holden, a Democrat is asking lawmakers a second time to consider raising new revenues for public schools and state colleges.

Today's announcement came a day after the Republican-led Legislature
sent him a revised budget. GOP leaders claim the revised budget would provide education with about the same amount of money it received this year.

But Holden says the Legislature's latest budget remains nearly $240 million out of balance, which would force him to withhold money appropriated to education when the fiscal year starts July 1.

Holden said he would ask lawmakers to pass an emergency appropriation for public schools and state colleges, then return in September for a special session to consider ways to raise more money.

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