Greene County Tech prepares it's students for tomorrow

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A local high school is preparing it's students for the future!

Greene County Tech asked motivational speaker, Todd Gash, to speak to their Juniors and Seniors.

Gash has given the presentation "Making College and your Career Count" all over the country.

He talks to students about the importance of how the apply themselves in the next step after high school.

Also, how college and their career actually go together and discussing making great choices from a career or major standpoint.

Gash says the response from students is good, "I travel all over the nation with this program and I always have a great response from the students. We get feedback at the end of the programs from students and most of the scores are 9's and 10's out of 10. So, I think they've gotten something out of it ."

Senior Natalie Smith says she got a lot out of the seminar, "He told us about college and how to manage our time and what to do when we study and who we need to study with and what we need to do. He also talked to us about our money and when we go to college if we need to get a part time job and how to budget."

Natalie says she thought what he had to say was useful.

"It was really good information for our future and what we need to do when ever we get out of high school."

Senior Richard Griffith also enjoyed Gash's presentation, "The guy had a lot of good advice about studying tips and just how to study and where and just basically to keep your priorities straight. College isn't a vacation, it's preparing you for the future. So, it was just a lot of helpful information about preparation and things that you should do once you get to college."

Richard says other students should consider listening to what Gash has to say.

"I think it would be beneficial. I mean, obviously, every body's plans aren't to go to college, but for those that are a lot of people will have questions and they don't know who to ask or what to ask and so he helped answer a few of those questions."

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