Rains Delay Road Work in Greene County

June 19, 2003
Posted at: 9:38 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD, Ark. -- Thanks to a very wet Spring, construction projects all around Region 8 have been delayed, especially in Greene County.

To date, almost seventeen miles of county road projects remain unfinished. Greene County is in it's third year of a four-year construction bond issue. The bond requires 85 percent of the projects to be completed by the end of this year.

"It's just been an unusually wet spring," said Greene County Judge Levi Pillow. "We've had an exceptional rainfall this year, it seems like just about the time it gets dry enough that we have some conditions that we can start some construction progress again, that we get forecasted for another week of rains."

Those persistent rains are causing road projects across the county to be even further delayed.

"424 Road which is north of Marmaduke," Pillow said. "We've got about two and a half miles or road that's ready to be blacktopped from last year that we've postponed.

"135 Road it's ready to be blacktopped we're waiting on it," he added.

Pillow also says that there are parts of County Roads 628 and 626 that aren't completed because of weather delays, and that causes concern for local resident Patty Hyde, who lives on CR 628.

"There's semi's that come through here," Hyde said. "There's a business that's just right down the road from us and we're just ready for them to get it blacktopped because there's a lot of traffic on this road."

"If we go back to work before it's necessary than it's a cost factor," Pillow said. "So if they'll have patience with us we are ahead of schedule and we do plan on getting the projects done by the normal completion date of the fourth year, next year."

Pillow adds that some county residents believe lack of funding is keeping the road projects from getting completed. He emphasizes that that is not the case. In fact, according to Pillow, the county has a $2.8 million budget this year to complete the projects.