ASU recognized by national military magazine

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) "It's a difficult transition from a tactical environment back to the civilian environment," said ASU student and veteran, Tracy Wineland.

Tracy Wineland says the transition is made a bit easier thanks to ASU and the Beck PRIDE center.

"Without them, a lot of veterans would be on this campus and they would be lost," said Wineland.

Offering direction and help to wounded veterans  is what Susan Tonymon, Director of the Beck PRIDE Center, says they're here for.

"They receive physical rehabilitation, mental health counseling, their whole family receives services," said Tonymon.

Tonymon says the center is just one of many reasons ASU has been named the 10th best university for military veterans by Military Times EDGE magazine, out of over 4000 that applied.

"They review a lot of different aspects as to ways universities can open doors to the military and also help them be successful during their college experience," said Tonymon.

Tonymon adds ASU has an integrated approach when it comes to involving all of the different departments and services.  Their goal, she says, is clear.

"To bring in the resources that are needed on campus to assist military personnel in their education," said Tonymon.

"It gives you a leg up to help you keep going," said Tracy Wineland.

Tracy says he's not surprised ASU is being recognized.  He says life after the battlefield isn't easy, and neither is college, but he adds he and other veterans aren't facing the challenges alone.

"Places like the Beck PRIDE center can help you overcome some of those tough mental challenges, because you have somebody there to talk to," said Wineland.

Tonymon says schools are ranked by things like the percentage of student veterans, services offered, and scholarship availability.  Kathy Mathes, ASU's Veteran School Official, says there are 400 people on campus receiving monthly education benefits from the VA.  That number includes veterans and some family members of veterans.

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