Dozens of dogs with diseases surrendered to animal shelter

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Dozens of dogs, many of them sick and covered with fleas, were removed from a home in northeast Arkansas! Animal rights advocates say things apparently "got out of control."

Sunday, volunteers with Northeast Arkansans for Animals removed thirty dogs from the home.

"There are sixty dogs on the premises living inside the home. The owners were willing to relinquish thirty dogs," says NAFA Director Wannda Turner.

Turner says, thirty dogs in bad shape. "This little one was almost totally hairless in the back end. His belly is engorged with worms. Oozing wounds and that's as a result of scratching non stop at the fleas and mange."

"I didn't expect them to be quite as infested with mange as they were, because it can be transmitted to people," says Turner, which in people is call scabies, often similar to lice, transmitted by contact with an infected person. "It is a health issue," she explains.

NAFA started treatment on the puppies yesterday. Turner says this is not classified as a puppy mill because the owners were not breeding the dogs for sale.  Instead, she says it was a situation that just got out of hand.

"It's one of those situations where you put dogs together and if there is no spaying and neutering in a short period of time six or seven dogs can turn into sixty," she says.

Since Sunday the puppies have been placed in foster homes for treatment, and won't be ready to adopt for at least another month.

"We're hoping that the family, now that at least 30 of the dogs are out of the household, the family can start getting treatment for themselves," says Turner.

If you're interested in helping out Turner says NAFA needs blankets, treats and toys for the puppies.

Just contact Northeast Arkansans for Animals (870) 932-1955

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