Protecting Your Pets

Sunday, June 22
Posted at 8:40 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- As you might already know, dogs and cats don't sweat like humans, they pant to cool themselves. But if the panting becomes loud and rapid, this could be one of the first signs of heat exhaustion. Tim Neeley, director of the North East Arkansas Humane Society says, "The temperatures last summer were extremely high, I don't know whether there going to be that high this summer or not, but you need to take your pets into consideration just like you take your self and your children into consideration...i mean they are a part of your family."

According to Neeley there are some steps owners can take to keep their pets safe, "The best thing you can do is you need to get them to a veterinarian. Neeley also discourages leaving pets in vehicles while you run errands, "It only causes a few minutes in a car to cause major damage...only a few minutes in very deadly." Neely says exercise is great for your pets.

However, pets should be walked during cooler morning and evening hours to avoid hot pavement which can burn or blister their paw pads The North East Arkansas Human Society has another trick you might want to try to keep your pets cool, "When it's hot we buy keep themselves cool as well."