Stumping for Democrats, President Clinton stops in Jonesboro

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) A crowd of several hundred people greeted President Clinton Wednesday night during at campaign stop in Jonesboro.

"We've got to have jobs, financing, training, and do something about the debt.   In every case, who's more likely to do it? Blanche Lincoln and Chad Causey.   I am begging you to remember that," said President Bill Clinton.

Stumping for Democrats, including Senator Blanche Lincoln and Chad Causey, President Clinton says this is the 76th campaign event he's done.  First Congressional District Candidate Chad Causey says he humbled by the support.

"I'm ready to take some good Arkansas common sense values with me to Washington D.C. and represent hardworking Arkansans," said Causey.

Causey says he hears the concerns of people on topics like jobs, and paying for a college education.

"I'm ready to go to work for them and represent their common sense Arkansas values, balance the budget, and make Congress live within it's means like hardworking Arkansas families do," said Causey.

"Government is not going to create jobs.   Industry, businesses, small businesses particularly, are going to create jobs, but what government can do is create greater certainty and predictability," said Senator Blanche Lincoln.

Senator Lincoln says it's important to get the economy back on track and put people back to work.  She says that means making tough choices.

"It doesn't mean that they have to be choices that don't work or are disproportionately in one direction or the other, it just means that we're really ready and prepared to make the hard decisions to get out economy back on track," said Senator Lincoln.

President Clinton addressed the crowd for about 40 minutes, wrapping up his speech by telling the audience don't believe the polls, believe what you can do.

"I love you, claim your future, don't give it away to someone who is playing you. Thank you," said President Clinton.

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