Region 8 teens rally against drug abuse

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Local residents are joining forces in the fight against drugs. Thursday morning from eight-thirty to two, students from every school in Craighead County, students from Greene County and Bald Knob attended the Youth 2 Youth Leadership Conference at Arkansas State University's Convocation Center.

The purpose of this conference was to promote a drug free environment peer to peer.

An additional meeting was held in the afternoon and open to the public.

Residents were informed about the information and training discussed amongst students during the Youth 2 Youth Conference.

Vice President of Out of the Dark, Jean Strauser, says the students discussed a number of important, but helpful things.

"They talked on drug awareness, and how we would empower the kids to go back to their schools and into their communities and come up with plans on how they could make themselves known that they are going to stop a lot of the drug abuse in their area."

Patty Soward works with a lot of sick people in the community and attended the afternoon's public meeting to support the organization and get involved.

"When the time comes for people to step out of this world, we need a place to go with our drugs. we have no place to go and have a proper disposal for them. These have a way of unfortunately filtering in to our communities and to our children's lives and we certainly want to find a solution to Jonesboro's problem, Craighead County. We need to find a way to help get our drugs off the streets so that our kids can have a healthier lifestyle. Just dispose of the problem before it becomes a problem."

Strauser says it's imperative for residents in the community to get involved in order to help it's kids, "Without some adults helping give students ideas, sometimes it's hard for them to come up with it by themselves, and they need the support that they can get from the adults in the community and need to know this is something that you want to do."

Patty Soward agrees with what Strauser and says that's exactly why she's getting involved herself.

"It's very important that we all become involved because, unfortunately, our medicine chests have potential problems in them and if we can find a way to alleviate the problem I think we can make our city a better place to be."

One hundred and thirty students attended the conference Thursday morning.

Strauser says another one hundred and thirty will attend on Friday.

For more information about the Out of the Dark organization, log onto their website.

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