Emergency warning system for Region 8 town

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

RECTOR, AR (KAIT) – One Region 8 town is looking out for its residents!  When a tornado strikes or a water main breaks Rector residents will know in an instant!  It's called the Rector Telephone Notification System.  When necessary, those enrolled in the program will receive a phone call on their land line or cell phone warning them of a situation inside the city!

"We do get a lot of phone calls and we do respond to those calls," said Rector Mayor Ron Kemp.

That is one of the reasons the city has worked to implement a new way of warning residents.  Through a company called One Call Now the city can send out a message to everyone who registers in a matter of minutes.

"Some kind of disaster, such as a tornado possibly any other kind of hazardous situation," said Kemp.

This is a project they feel is necessary for the safety of residents, but there is a charge for it.

"They need to come into the Rector Water Department here at city hall they can sign up.  For one year it's only $4," said Kemp.

In case of an emergency, those enrolled will get a recorded message detailing what the situation is.  Even though this system can be used for any number of situations, Kemp said they don't plan to over use it.  This is an emergency warning system, and that's what they plan to use it for!

"I think our city officials will use good judgment as to what purposes it should be used for," said Kemp.

Kemp said they aren't completely sure what the cost will be to the city.  So far it has cost less than $1,000 for the city to get started.

"The whole idea really is as much as possible to break even on this to just pay for the phone calls pay for the system," said Kemp.

Kemp said council man David Freeman was essential to getting this plan off the ground.  It is currently only open to those who live inside the Rector city limits!

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