New numbers show secondhand sales on the rise

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) "I feel like people are getting more savvy and sensible about spending their money and making it go further," said Sandy McQuay at Abilities Unlimited.

Getting what you need at a fraction of the cost.....

"They're having to buy groceries and pay their bills, they're looking for ways to save a dollar here and a dollar there," said McQuay.

It appears more people nationwide are looking to second hand shops to save.  In fact second hand sales are increasing 35 percent a year, compare that to regular retailers only seeing about 2 percent gains according to the Association of Resale Professionals.

"We can't get enough of it to be honest with you," said Play It Again Sports Owner, Steve Curry.

At Play It Again Sports, they sell both new and used equipment, and owner Steve Curry says the used equipment is so popular, it goes out as quickly as it comes in.

"It could be much bigger if we just had access to the equipment--we're limited only by that really," said Curry.

Curry says  that feature of his store is popular for a variety of reasons, but especially now when people are trying to save where they can.

"It's an avenue for them to take their old equipment, get some value out of it, get a discount on something they now need, and really save some money," said Curry.

Both Curry and McQuay say second hand retailers know they're gaining in popularity, so it's that much more important what they do put out are quality goods, so once people come in, they'll want to come back.

"The more people that are walking in the stores, and experiencing it, I think will absolutely come back again," said McQuay.

Vice President of Donated Goods at Goodwill Industries of Arkansas Steve Terry  says in part, shopping at Goodwill has become more than socially acceptable, it is now the norm.  The current retail climate has allowed Goodwill to move into large sites that would not have been financially available 5 years ago.

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