COPY-Mom uses Facebook to track down hit-and-run driver

LAKE FOREST, CA (NBC) - The internet can help people finds all kinds of things — old friends, greats deals, and one mom hopes, the driver who hit her son while he was riding his bike.

Cami Stanley has taken to Craigslist, Facebook and e-mail to look for clues and solicit information for a hit-and-run that sent her son over his handlebars, then to the hospital.

"She rolled her window down and she was like 'Oh, I'm so sorry.' Just saying she didn't see me, but didn't get out or anything to see if I was okay," Nick Hargraves, Stanley's son, said.

Stanley said she has "Absolute anger like nobody's seen" over the incident. "That's why I've done what I've done because I'm pissed. I'm a mom. 'Mama bear' is what all my friends are calling me right now," she said.

Hargraves says, even though he's injured, he's just thankful he didn't fall on his head.

Nick's mom now hopes social networking will help lead to justice for her son.

"We're creating a voice for this son of mine but it's not just a voice. We're screaming and people are listening," she said.

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