2010 pumpkin season a success

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT-TV) - Last year it seemed like the rain just kept falling and that caused plenty of pains for pumpkin planters like Ellen Dalton, who owns Pumpkin Hollow.

Dalton said, "You need some rain but when you have lots or rain you fight fungal diseases and you have issues with that the whole season."

This year Mother Nature went to the other extreme. The lack of rain made it even hard to get the pumpkins in the ground.

"We literally had to go down the rows with a water wagon, wetting the rows enough to get pumpkins to germinate," said Dalton.

They grow about six to seven acres of pumpkins.  It usually takes two to three hours to plant them, but    this year it took them nearly three days because the ground was so hard and dry!  Dalton said they couldn't have made anything were it not for irrigation.

"Once we got the crop up we were able to use drip irrigation and the crop is beautiful this year," said Dalton.

Although their yield was quite high, Dalton said one variety was not as "big."

"The only real issue that we've had is our giant pumpkins this year.  They just would not set. We didn't get any and most other growers that I've talked to have had the same issue. A lot of them have anyway," said Dalton.

While they are known for their pumpkins, Pumpkin Hallow offers many other fall favorites for families throughout the season.