Nation's largest charities seeing drop in donations

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Hundreds of the nation's charities are feeling the effects of people pinching their pennies.

"They may be working right now, but they don't necessarily know what the future may hold," said United Way Interim Executive Director, Nanette Heard.

"Our local United Way has been staying pretty consistent with what we've done in years past," said Heard.

Heard says local donation goals range between roughly 725 to 750 thousand dollars each year.  She says the United Way has reached at least 90% of their set goals for the past 5 years, but she adds the more they raise, the more they can help.

"A lot of times if you can get volunteers to come in and see what's actually being done, I think in the long run, that may help increase donations too," said Heard.

"We did see a slight decline in our summer appeals," said Captain Mark Boatman, with the Salvation Army.

Despite that, Captain Boatman says it's still too soon to tell where the local chapter will finish the year, because their busiest season is ahead of them.

"The kettle campaign along with the mail campaign that goes to the donors' homes as well, make up close to half of our revenue for the entire year," said Captain Boatman.

While they may be working with less on the local level, he says they'll continue working to  meet an ever growing need.

"It's in the Lord's hand, and if we're faithful with what's given to us, then he will bless us," said Captain Boatman.

Heard and Boatman say they're certainly thankful for the donors they have, and add they couldn't help others without generous donations.

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