Bayou Meto WMA repairs underway

Bayou Meto WMAREYDELL (AGFC) - The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will be making needed repairs to the Cannon Brake Access Road and Spillway over the next several weeks. During this time, hunters are urged to use caution when using the area due to the heavy equipment operation associated with these repairs.

Bayou Meto is one of the largest state-owned wildlife management areas in the nation, encompassing 33,832 acres in Arkansas and Jefferson counties. The topography is generally flat with little more than an 11-foot change in elevation over the entire area.

The area's green-timber duck hunting is some of the best in the state and constitutes the heaviest recreational use on the area. The opening days of the season can be very crowded with 1,500 to 2,000 hunters using the area each day, with the average of 350 hunters daily during the rest of the season.

For any questions pertaining to this work please contact the South Delta Regional Wildlife Management Office toll-free at 1-877-367-3559.