Region 8 students celebrate "writing"!

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Students and faculty at one Region 8 school are celebrating "writing"!

Around five hundred students at the Math and Science school filed into the gym for a special assembly.

Wednesday, October 20th, marks the first official "National Day of Writing".

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin signed a proclamation in honor of the day and presented it to the school.

Fifth grade literacy teacher, Erica Sockwell, says she knows first hand how important writing can be both inside and outside the classroom.

Sockwell says this day began with a simple conversation, "I'm a member of the Arkansas Delta Writing Project which is part of the National Writing Project and it's writing all the time and one day my literacy coach and I were discussing a few things and she saw my calendar. On it was National Day on Writing. And she said, 'oh, that looks cool.' And the next thing I know she had put all the wheels in motion and through her hard work we are having an assembly and celebrating and showing our students how cool writing can be."

Sockwell feels the students really get a lot out of listening to someone with life experience.

"I think the kids are really going to get an appreciation of real, life writing because so often they see writing on a test. They see writing as a benchmark prompt. They don't see their text messages, their face books, their emails. Our kids are writing constantly, they just don't realize it."

The Math and Science school just happens to have a published author on their staff!

Kim Randall published the novel "Immortal Awakening".

Randall spoke to students about the writing process and how much fun it can be.

"Today, I'm going to talk about the writing process and how it really starts when your young. When you're in the car telling stories with your families and bedtime stories and all it really takes is taking the things that you hear and then writing them down."

Randall says writing is more than entertaining.

It can be an emotional outlet kids need, "Writing is a way for kids to express themselves and also to set themselves free. There are a lot of people who are published that came from backgrounds that are not pleasant. And being able to write and express themselves gave them a positive way to let out frustrations, anger, as well as joy. And gives them a way to celebrate who they are in a positive way no matter where they come from."

For more information about the Math and Science school, just log onto their website.

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