Meet October's Teacher of the Month

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

IMBODEN, AR (KAIT) --Everybody has a special teacher that they remember for one reason or another. Here at KAIT we search out and tell you about the best of the best based on your recommendations.

The search for the Teacher of the Year 2011 begins this month in Imboden at Sloan-Hendrix elementary. Meet Kindergarten teacher Candi Yarbro, October's Teacher of the Month.

No building can stand without a good foundation. No child can succeed in school without rock solid basics.

Yarbro, "To be able to go on and master what they need to master in the upper grades. Kindergarten is vital."

This is Yarbro's first year at Sloan-Hendrix her seventh year of teaching. She says the kids and her made an immediate connection.

"They knew my needs being a first year teacher here at Sloan Hendrix and I felt like I knew their needs being their first actual school year so we just bonded."

I was impressed by her kids knowledge of historical figures based on American coins. The penny for instance. They sang about Mr. Lincoln's hat, told me what happened to him and where.

Yarbro, "If I can just install a moment of history or an extra math lesson. I just want them to know all that they can know."

Of course all work and no play makes for a dull day. Everybody on your feet for the Tootie-Tah. One of the rhyme dances that kindergartners do.

Her 18 students are quick to respond to her questions and praise. But keeping it fresh and interesting for these guys requires motivation. Yarbro says that even the worst days inspire.

Yarbro, "When they walk out the door and they turn around and say, "Have a good night, Love you. See ya tomorrow. " That's it, That's it."

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