Region 8 casts its vote

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-People across Region 8 were up early this morning exercising their right to vote!

Early voting polls opened up and people filed in.

Among those voting were First Congressional District hopeful Chad Causey and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel.

McDaniel says voting is something he's always done, "I'm proud to be here to cast my ballot , today, as I always do. And I certainly hope people who are paying attention to the issues in Arkansas get out and vote. I always believe you don't have any right to complain if you don't vote."

Causey told our cameras that voting is a way to show defenders of our rights, past and present, that we acknowledge all they've done for our freedom.

"This is the most important thing Americans can do to be a part of the Democratic process. . .cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice. Brave men and women have fought for centuries and sacrificed to protect our freedoms and our constitution. And it's our obligation to exercise our right to vote."

Both agree that exercising the right to vote is the responsibility of everyone.

Dustin McDaniel, "We have men and women from Arkansas currently in arms way overseas defending our liberties, defending our freedoms and this is the most critical exercise that American citizens have."

McDaniel also says early voting is one of the best things created for voters.

"Early voting has been wonderful because it allows for people to have opportunities of convenience. You never know if it's gonna be raining, on election day. You never know when your gonna wake up not feeling well or have a sick child and other kinds of issues. The Craighead County Early Voting Center is one of the best in the state because they make it very convenient. Come in and cast your ballot!"

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