Region 8 parents form support group for school

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

STEELE, MO (KAIT) – Since two fights a few weeks ago parents in Steele, Missouri, have been working together to be more involved with children in the school, particularly their own.

"Supporting Parents for South Pemiscot" has around a dozen members so far.  Their goal is to make sure their children and other in the community know they are there and will be there for the children in town.

"It's just like schools all over the country that have their share of problems right now.  They don't get enough support from the parents," said parent Deborah Jackson.

Jackson has twin boys and she said after about 40 parents showed up at a school board meeting a few weeks ago, they decided to form a parent support group.

"One of the big topics across the country is bullying at schools.  We want to hopefully address different ideas to help solve those problems," said Jackson.

"We're just wanting to stand behind them and let them know that it is a safe place for them to go to school and that we're working along with the school," said Kathy Willingham, another parent with children in the school.

The parents want to work with teachers and the school board to find out what they can do to help.

"We want to work closely with them to help provide our children a safe and educational environment in which to learn," said Jackson.

There are many times where parents have no idea what is going on with their child at school beyond grades and behavior.

"We just need to know what's going on in any issue not just if there's trouble in the school," said Willingham.

"People here at the school are busy.  They're working with our children and we need to be working with our children.  We need to be involved in our children's lives because if we're not someone else will be," said Jackson.

The moms have children of all different ages and want to not only help their own children, but the children of other parents who may not be as involved.

"I just want my kids to feel safe and have a good education and I feel like the parents need to be involved with what's going on with the school," said Willingham.

The group will hold their first "official" meeting on Monday, November 1st at 7 p.m. at the school cafeteria.  They welcome parents, students, and folks with the school to come.

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