Making sure city-owned buildings are ADA compliant

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)"We provide a service to this city and to the citizens that live in this city," said Chief Building Official for the City of Jonesboro, Terry Adams.

Part of that service includes making buildings accessible to those with disabilities....

"It's education and training," said Adams.

As part of a grievance procedure resolution passed by Jonesboro's Public Safety Commission, Chief Building Official  Terry Adams was named Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA coordinator and compliance officer.

"The grievance procedures and the ADA compliance is basically for city employees and city buildings," said Adam.

Adams says the city will help businesses in Jonesboro too.

"I can't force them to get in compliance with the ADA," said Adams.

He says he can, however,  help those businesses know if they are  in ADA compliance or how to get there.

"Hopefully what I do will be a benefit to them to help them," said Adams.

Of the city's  properties, Adams says most are already in compliance and if they're not, they will be.

As for newly constructed businesses citywide....

"It is ADA compliant before the plans are ever approved," said Adams.

Adams says the city doesn't charge to visit a business and offer advice on ADA compliance. He adds that it's part of good customer service the City of Jonesboro hopes to provide business owners and citizens.

"People nowadays can't spend a whole lot of money because of the economy, so we try to be reasonable when we're in there helping them and the people that call me with the complaints, they're sensible about it," said Adams.

The grievance procedure and appointing Terry Adams ADA coordinator and compliance officer, now has to be voted on by the full council.  Adams says that will happen at the next city council meeting.

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