The Region 8 Storm Team is making sure you're prepared

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If severe weather were to strike in your hometown,would your warning come in time for you to seek shelter?

The Region 8 Storm Team was out in full force to make sure you're weather radios are set and programmed to do just that.

Region 8's Ryan Vaughan, Sarah Tipton and Justin Logan took time out of their day to visit the residents of Randolph County on Thursday. The team set themselves up at the Barton's location in Pocahontas and invited the public to bring their weather radios in to get them programmed.

Store manager Greg Hufford says he thinks an event like this is a great idea, "I think it's great. I think this has been a really great turnout. It's the first time they've been out here with the weather deck and it's been a real good experience."

Hufford says a large crowd came in right from the beginning and customers seemed pleased with the service they were being provided.

"It's been real positive. Everyone's been real excited to be here and to have channel 8 here and it's been real positive."

Pocahontas resident, Jeriel Summitt, has had a weather radio for quite some time.

He thought owning one would be a good idea, but has never been able to get it to work right, "We had bought the weather radio a couple, maybe two years ago, at least a year ago and I fooled with it and never did get it set right. Heard this on television decided to come out and get it programmed so we can use it."

Summitt was pleased with the Region 8 Storm Team, "It's a good service. Particularly for people who are no more electronically inclined than I am."

As Summitt was leaving, he said he was glad he had stopped by, "We're just looking forward to getting it to working."

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