Marmaduke School District to start D.A.R.E program

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) Marmaduke School Resource Officer Shane Martin, says the goal of the school's new D.A.R.E program is clear.

"We're going to try to teach them to do what you know is the right thing," said Officer Martin.

Lessons Martin hopes to start teaching Marmaduke sixth graders this year after he returns from D.A.R.E training in January.

"If we can make a difference in one child, we've done a good thing," said Martin.

"I think that overall it will change our school district, the way our students look at certain things, and how they are prepared to say no," said Bill Muse.

Marmaduke City Alderman and Dean of Students Bill Muse says while the focus of D.A.R.E is drug use prevention, he hopes the students will learn good decision-making skills and think about consequences of bad decisions.

"That it gives them the ability to say, look I just don't want to fool with this," said Muse.

"I hope they walk away with the ability to stand up to what they believe in," said Martin.

Shane Martin says he wants to start the D.A.R.E program with sixth graders because it's a pivotal point--from elementary to junior high,  a time to build character and self esteem that will hopefully last a lifetime.

"There is more to it than the 1980's phrase just say no to drugs, there is so much more," said Martin.

Both Shane Martin and Bill Muse say the Paragould Police Department and Corporal Brad Snyner assisted in the process of getting D.A.R.E to the Marmaduke School District.

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