Lincoln supporters traveling across the state

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Election day is almost here and supporters of their favorite candidates are hitting the streets to talk to voters. Around forty supporters of senator Blanche Lincoln, called the "Arkansas Travelers", are traveling across the state with the Senator.

The group stopped in Jonesboro near the Election Annex around noon.

One of the Arkansas Travelers, Sheila Bronfman, says she started this "cross country field trip" because she believes in Senator Lincoln and this is important to her.

"We're working men and women who have taken time off from our jobs to come out and campaign for the Senator. We are folks who have campaigned all across the state and the country, actually, for President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and now for Senator Lincoln. We really believe in her, we believe in what she's doing AND we need to have her in our state. So, we've decided to get out and get on the road and we're out here going to fifteen counties to ask people to get out and early vote and know what's at stake in this election."

Senator Blanche Lincoln says she's thrilled to have the Arkansas Travelers behind her, "I am so excited to be here and more importantly, I am so excited to have the Arkansas Travelers with me. We have got a great group from all across the state who have joined me for two days to be out on the road talking to people about how important it is to get out and vote and remember all the good things we can do for our state and for our country working together."

She says they're speaking to people about early voting and about particular issues they should know about as they head to the polls.

"We are reminding people that I have stood up for medicare and social security, which means an awful lot to over six hundred thousand Arkansans in our state. I've stood up for our veterans, I've stood up for agriculture. We are working hard to create jobs and put our economy back on track. And these people are helping remind others of all the good things we have done, we can do and what the great possibilities are."

By the time the group is done with their trip, they will have made twenty-five stops across the fifteen counties they're visiting.

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