Volunteers wanted to teach skills and offer hope

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) Trudy Reynolds is trying to improve her skills and chances of getting that desk job.  A string of events led Reynolds to the White River Women's Shelter in Newport.

"That was one of my big struggles, getting to know people and having someone I could talk to, visit with, relate to," said Reynolds.

She said it was the volunteers that helped her open up, and in some ways helped her heal.

"Someone cared, someone cared for my well-being," said Reynolds.

"We want them to feel like their time here was valuable to them," said Barbara Halley.

That's why Executive Director Barbara Halley is asking for volunteers to share skills or interests with the women here.

"If they have something to do with their hands, maybe this would encourage them to develop interests of their own," said Halley.

Halley says it can be anything from photography, cooking, even woodwork--just something to share that might strike a cord and perhaps offer guidance to someone looking for a little direction.

"We feel like that when they leave here, they need to leave a more complete person than what they came," said Halley.

For Trudy Reynolds, she says she hopes there are great results, and that a volunteer does for someone else what they did for her.

"It's a kind and humane thing to do, to show your love, you know that's why we're here for one another," said Reynolds.

If you would like more information about volunteering, call the shelter at 870-523-5403 or 870-523-5000.

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