An organization helping wounded veteran's gets help

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A local organization that works hard everyday to help our veteran's just got some help of their own!

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel made a special trip on Wednesday to the Beck Pride Center on the campus of Arkansas State University.

There the Beck Pride Center was presented with a check worth over thirty-three thousand dollars.

McDaniel says the work done at the Beck Pride Center is important and should be recognized, "It's extraordinarily important to me personally and as the Attorney General to be able to contribute to the good work being done at the Beck Pride Center. They are being recognized nationally for what they do here and they really deserve our support and thanks."

The Beck Pride Center offers educational services, rehabilitation, counseling and other opportunities to veteran's and their families.

Ironically, the Attorney General's office acquired the money through a "scam charity"!

McDaniel, "The American Veteran's Coalition was a fraudulent charity that called people in Arkansas and tried to raise money to honor veterans, serve their families, provide transportation to and from job services, medical care and they were stealing the money! And when it came to my attention I brought the full weight of the Attorney General's office. We ran them out of the state, we shut them down and we recovered quite a bit of the money that had been wrongfully raised by this group."

Director of the Beck Pride Center, Susan Tonymon, says

"This donation from the Attorney General's office is going to mean the Beck Pride Center can serve many more combat veteran's and their family members. We're thrilled! This is so timely because we're expecting the return of the 875th, about two hundred from Northeast Arkansas, before the holiday season!"

Chris McCormick is a member of the 875th and currently at home.

He suffered shrapnel wounds when in Afghanistan and is a regular at the Beck Pride Center, "I come up here to the Beck Pride Center about three or four times a week. I'm starting classes in the Spring and they helped me get my classes sorted out with what I want to take."

Tonymon says the money from the Attorney General's office is going to help them help more people, "We plan to use these funds to expand our counseling services to the spouses and the children of combat veterans. So, we plan to use this money to help even more veterans and expand the services for them we already provide."

The Beck Pride Center was founded in October of 2007.

The currently serves over one hundred combat veteran's from all branches of military service.

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