Halloween retailers hoping to be treated with big sales

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) "You know it's just one of those holidays you spend money on," said Jennifer Burrow.

Mother of three, Jennifer Burrow, says she's spent hundreds of dollars on fall festival and Halloween party preparations.

"It's a kid holiday, kind of like Christmas," said Burrow.

Jennifer is not alone.  According to a National Retail Federation survey, Americans will spend a whopping 5 point 8 billion dollars on all things Halloween.

"It just gets more hectic as you get closer," said Golden Grotto Owner, Larry McIlvoy.

As we do get closer, McIlvoy at Golden Grotto, says business will boom.

"That's how the trend usually goes," said McIlvoy.

McIlvoy says the economy might make people procrastinate on making those purchases, but he says in the end many people decide it's worth it.

"They put off purchases and then decide I'm going to go to a party, then they come in and go wild," said McIlvoy.

"There hasn't been a day that we've been slow or haven't had anyone in the store. It's been really good to us this year," said Spirit Halloween Manager, Amanda Curnell.

Curnell says she's seen a slight increase in how much people are spending and who they're spending it on.

"Last year, they did a lot more buying for their kids and this year, they're doing more of the whole family--themselves, their kids, we get a lot of college students in here," said Curnell.

The NRF survey says Americans will spend on average about 66 dollars on costumes and other Halloween goodies.  That number is up from last year's roughly 56 dollar average.

"I was pretty surprised how busy we were even in September, but it's been great and it just keeps getting better," said Curnell.

"If I'm able and capable of spending the money and making the holidays great for the children, absolutely, it's something I will definitely spend money on in the future," said Burrow.

At Golden Grotto, Larry McIlvoy says this year is trending to be about the same, maybe slightly higher than last year.  He says it's still down from several years ago, but it's not necessarily because of the economy.  He attributes some of it to more competition from  costume retailers and more online sales.

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