Deer Limit ? -- Check zone rules

BuckLITTLE ROCK (AGFC) - The question has been answered many times but still pops up often. What is the season limit for deer?

The answer is five, of which only two can be bucks. The answer has another part, too. Zone limits have to be observed.

Since all but one deer zone have season limits less than five, this means most hunters would have to take deer in more than one zone to reach that statewide limit of five.

Zone 12 is Arkansas's largest deer zone and covers much of southern Arkansas. Its limit is the same as the statewide limit - five - of which no more than two can be legal bucks. Other deer zones have season limits of three or four deer.

In all zones, checking deer is done within 24 hours by a toll-free telephone call (866-305-0808) or on the Internet ( or with the iPhone. Write down that phone number or memorize it, or keep a copy of the Arkansas Hunting Guidebook with you.