The Storm Team hits the road to keep you safe

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The Region 8 Storm Team is hitting the road to make sure you're prepared in the event of severe weather.

Ryan, Sara and Justin are visiting Barton's locations throughout the area to meet with community residents to program weather radios.

Harrisburg resident Captain Lovell and his wife Ruby traveled all the way to Lepanto to catch up with the Region 8 Storm Team.

Lovell says they first heard what the Storm Team was doing on television.

"This was the closest place we knew of to come and get our weather radio tuned in."

Lovell believes having a working weather radio is an important safety precaution people should invest in, "If you've got a family or it's just yourself you need to be protected by this. And it's very nice that KAIT will come and tune it in for us so it will work. We've had that one for several months, but it wasn't tuned in. You know, they work better when they're tuned in!"

The Storm Team visited with residents and programmed radios from ten until two in the afternoon.

Lovell believes this is all a good idea, "I think this is great. It can save your life and keep you awake all night, too!"

Now, Lovell's radio is working and can warn his family if severe weather is headed in their direction.

"It's working and we're ready for another storm."

For information on how to program your own weather radio, log onto our website.

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