1,600 shots given at Region 8 flu clinic

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – No one wants to get the flu, one of the best ways to prevent it is a shot!

Last year's outbreak of the H1N1 virus had people crowding their doctor's offices.  While the threat is not as great this year, that didn't stop people from lining up Thursday.  L

"It doesn't seem to be as crowded.  We walked in and just walked right through we probably haven't been here for 15 minutes at most," said John Turner.

Turner and his grandson were two out of 1,600 who received their flu shots Thursday.

"We're caregivers for elderly parents.  We're caregivers sometimes for our grandchildren and we flat just don't want to get sick," said Turner.

"I have three young children and I figure if I stay healthy then they can and they got their flu shots at school this year," said Beckie Kennedy.

Many of the folks getting their shots have been to this clinic before!

"The first year was kind of confused, chaotic last year was better this year is really sweet," said Turner.

One of the primary reasons this clinic is held is to prepare folks in case there is ever a pandemic!  Every year the process is faster and easier!  The clinic is held through the Arkansas Department of Health and the Craighead County Health Unit and is a different every year.

"Last year we drove through and got the flu shots, this year we're inside the ASU Convocation Center and it's very convenient very efficient," said Turner.

The clinic isn't the only thing that has changed!  This year the shot is a mixture of different strains of flu including the H1n1.  All of the people giving the shots are ASU nursing students who are providing a necessary service and learning.  Nursing student Chelsea Coleman said it has helped her to be a part of this type of clinic and will make her a better nurse!

"It gives you a lot of clinical skills as well and it teaches you a wide range of people to give immunizations to," said Coleman.

She said they are seeing less people get shots at the clinic this year.

"I think people are definitely lax because they haven't seen a lot of cases, but that just goes to show that our immunizations are working," said Coleman.

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