Weather Service: Radio now reaches Pike campground

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - The National Weather Service says weather-alert radio signals can now reach a campground where 20 people were killed in June when a flash flood swept through the area that wasn't then covered by radio weather alerts. A news release from the weather service Thursday said a new Weather Radio transmitter had been installed on High Peak Mountain near Norman in Montgomery County.

The release said several tests had confirmed that the transmitter's signal was reaching parts of the Albert Pike Campground operated by the National Forest Service in southwest Montgomery County, along the Little Missouri River. On June 11, nearly 300 sleeping campers were caught unprepared and 20 lost their lives when a flash flood struck the campground.

The weather service release said that, because of the up-and-down terrain in the campground, the Weather Radio signal from the new transmitter cannot reach all parts of the facility. Jack Hayes, weather service director, said many popular campsites are in low-lying, remote areas.

He said that, since the Weather Radio signal can't reach everywhere, campers should check the weather forecast before beginning a camping trip and test their Weather Radio receiver before setting up camp.

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