JPD prepares for Halloween weekend

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This is Halloween weekend, and it's not just kids who are gearing up for the festivities Jonesboro Police are too! The department wants to make sure this weekend you'll have more treats than tricks!

"One of the top priorities is keeping the kids safe," says Sergeant Steve McDaniel with JPD

So while your kids are out Halloween night, the Jonesboro Police Department will be present keeping folks howling at the moon under control.

"It's Halloween so of course we're going to be fully staffed," says McDaniel. He says officers are expecting more activity. So more officers will be monitoring the streets. "Looking out for especially kids in the street, cars that might be traveling hazardously or driving hazardously in neighborhoods," McDaniel says and keeping an eye out for drunk drivers. "Any time we have a holiday that comes around, we would expect there will be more parties and obviously more alcohol involved," he says.

While some kids are only worried about loading up on treats, police are prepared in case there are some tricks.

"Hopefully there won't be too much vandalism, but we do expect there will be some just because there seems to be a lot of mischief during the Halloween season," says McDaniel.

But there are some tips to keep those ghouls and goblins from ruining your fun. "Don't park your cars on the street, and if you have a garage where you can put your vehicle in a garage, put it in the garage. Its much less likely to get egged or vandalized if it's off the street," McDaniel explains.

The same goes for any expensive electronic Halloween decorations or pumpkins. "They're likely to be stolen from the front porch area, maybe thrown at a car, or in the street we see a lot of that," says McDaniel.

McDaniel says it's important for neighborhoods to work together and if you notice any suspicious activity...."If you see anybody that is doing something that maybe criminal, go ahead and take the opportunity to call the police right then, don't expect that someone else will call the police. If you see suspicious activity we want you to call and let us know what's going on."

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